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We partner with brokers across the country to provide senior financing to businesses and commercial property investors.

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Broker Referral Program

We paid out over $1.8 million in referral fees to our brokers and other referral sources in 2021, closing loans for more than 20,000 borrowers.

Earn fees on your closed SBA 504 and Conventional deals, paid directly by us as the lender. We offer volume-based incentives – the more you close, the more you earn. Added bonuses start after you hit $10 million in closed loans. Signing up is simple:

  • Fill out our registration form.
  • Review and sign our broker agreement.
  • Reference our rate sheet to price your deal.
  • Submit your deal.
  • Close and earn.

Why Liberty SBF

  • Direct lender

    We provide senior financing to businesses and commercial property investors across the country, funding directly from our balance sheet.

  • Certainty of execution

    Our ability to source, structure and underwrite complex transactions is among the most reliable and proven in the industry.

  • Trusted network

    We maintain an extensive network of CRE professionals across the country to provide best-in-class management and service.

  • Small-balance real estate expertise

    We specialize in deals up to $15 million – assets that are generally too small for debt funds and institutional lenders. Over 25,000 loans totalling $2 billion closed to date.

Our Lending Platform


SBA 504

SBA 504

$1 million - $15 million

  • Low-cost, high leverage
    financing for business real estate
  • Purchase, refinance, rehab, ground-up construction
  • Up to 90% LTV


$1 million - $10 million

  • Perm financing for stabilized
    business real estate assets
  • Purchase, refinance
  • Up to 75% LTV
SBA 7a

SBA 7a

$250,000 - $5 million

  • High leverage financing
    for eligible business uses
  • Commercial real estate acquisition,
    working capital, equipment, debt
    consolidation, business acquisition
  • Up to 90% LTV

Investment Commercial Real Estate



Purchase, rehab or value-add, refinance, lease-up, interest reserve, bridge to Agency or SBA

Non-Recourse Floater
$5 million - $15 million

  • Business plan financing to stabilize properties
  • Some in-place cash flow required
  • Up to 30% cash out for improvements
  • Up to 80% LTC/LTV

Performance Bridge
$2 million - $10 million

  • Flexible financing for quick close or
    heavy lift properties
  • No required in-place cash flow
  • Up to 50% of uses for
  • Up to 75% LTC/stabilized LTV

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SBA-to-SBA Refinance

With rates rising multiple times in 2022 and 2023, thousands of floating rate SBA 7a borrowers will be hit with huge increases to their monthly payments. To moderate this risk, the SBA recently changed their guidelines and now allows SBA-to-SBA refinancing.

If your clients hold SBA 7a real estate loans, they may be eligible to refinance their floating rate debt with a low-cost, fixed-rate SBA 504 loan. These borrowers can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on interest payments.

  • Move from a risky, floating rate coupon to a long-term, fixed rate coupon.
  • Lower overall interest rate to match the current SBA 504 25-year denture.
  • Pull cash out for working capital – up to 20% of the property’s current appraised value.
  • Most closing costs can be capitalized into the new SBA loan (leaving you with minimal out-of-pocket fees).